i just dont love you anymore

We have to talk 2016

Choreography, direction and text: Cecilia Moisio

Performers: Elaine Gadet, Merle Schiebergen, Tess Brekelmans, Hannah Rogerson, Naomi Rivana

Music: Joni Vanhanen

Length: 15 minutes

WE HAVE TO TALK is a movement monologue for five women on the brink of a decision: the ending of a relationship and all the reasons for it. They explain themselves, accuse, pull back, lie and let go. Both text and movement converge to comment on our behavior in love and how we may lie to ourselves just to find a way out. An ode to confronting our fear of commitment. WE HAVE TO TALK is based on the solo IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME which Cecilia Moisio made for herself in 2013.