Oerol 2018

NachtHexen I: JEANNE ( Festival Oerol) 2018

Choreography : Jens van Daele in collaboration with dancers

Company : Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges

Performers : Patricia van Deutekom, Lucienne Kraan, Ronja Keultjes, Naomi Schwarz & Merle Schiebergen

Music & composition: Alexandra Bellon, Viva Sanchez & Richard van Kruysdijk

This creation is inspired by the Russian night bombing regiment Taman during World War II, which consisted of women only – from female pilots to technicians. Using light gliders, they successfully bombed the German defense lines.

In NachtHexen I: Jeanne, powerful dance, emotional play and dance performance blend into a lasting whole. Pure, energetic and sensitive, seeking the most direct way into the heart of the audience, as one has come to expect from Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges.